January 9, 2020 at 6:29 pm



We’re all set to go!  Now, all we need to have you do, is put Iowa’s most exciting and motivational spring political event on your calendar today!  Saturday, April 18th, marks the celebration of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 20th Annual Spring Kickoff & Rally!


  • WHAT:

IFFC Spring Kickoff

  • WHEN: 

Saturday, April 18th

  • WHERE:  

Walnut Center, Iowa State Fairgrounds, East 33rd Street & University Avenue, Des Moines, IA

  • TIME: 

Reception/5:30 pm  Program/6:30 pm


This, as in years past, is one of IFFC’s two major fundraisers of the calendar year.  These funds help to underwrite the massive voter program and our lobbying efforts at the capitol.


We are now working on securing a top-notch influential conservative keynote speaker who will motivate the troops to take an active part in the critical 2020 election cycle.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed when our keynoter for the evening is announced in the near future.


In addition, we are looking at the possibility of featuring the congressional candidates in some way.  Seeing the Iowa primary election will be a mere 6 ½ weeks after the Spring Kickoff concludes, this will be an excellent opportunity to size up all the candidates vying for your vote.


Don’t miss this opportunity to attend this exciting event April 18th!  This will be the time to come together with your friends to hear phenomenal speakers, network with new friends, and enjoy good food. We will discuss in detail our exciting grassroots plans of how we intend to make close to 3 million voter contacts with the “base” in Iowa alone!!  Different levels of involvement will be offered to attendees.  These efforts will lay the groundwork for electing solid constitutional conservatives, winning legislative battles, and strengthening our grassroots organization.


Religious freedoms and liberty ARE at stake in this election like never before!  Failure is NOT an option!  We’re counting on you!  See you on Saturday, April 18th!!


Steve Scheffler

IA Faith & Freedom Coalition



Keynote Speakers from previous years Spring Events!!!

2019 Spring Kick Off – Cong. Jody Hice

2018 Spring Kick Off – Cong. Louie Gohmert

2017 Spring Kick Off – Todd Starnes

jody hice



louie gohmert

todd starnes










January 2, 2020 at 6:13 pm

Greetings! I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Iowa Caucuses are quickly approaching. The Caucuses not only provide the first contests of the 2020 primary election season, but also serve as an important opportunity for our Christian Conservative Values to be heard.

The Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition has created a short 7 minute video to help prepare you for caucus night in Iowa. The material covered applies to both political parties and is nonpartisan. It is vital that you attend the caucus, vote in the presidential poll, nominate Christian conservatives to the local county political conventions, and support social conservative policy planks for your political party of choice.

Please view the video at

The information in the video is intended to serve as a general education of the Iowa Caucus process. If you have specific questions about your voter registration or caucus site, please contact your County Auditor or the Iowa Secretary of State’s office.… (For Republican Party) (For Democrat Party)

Thank you in advance for watching the video. I will see you at the caucus!

Steve Scheffler
Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition

Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Fall Dinner—A Smashing Success!!!

November 15, 2019 at 6:31 pm

Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Fall Dinner—A Smashing Success!!!

Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 19th Annual Fall Dinner & Rally is now a part of the history books. Nearly 800 of Iowa’s most politically active pro-family Iowans were part of this exciting, inspiring, and motivational evening. Multiple repeat attendees volunteered that this year’s annual event was the best ever! Without a doubt, the October 26th Dinner & Rally was Iowa’s largest and most consequential political event in Iowa this year.

This year’s lineup of speakers was superb and did not disappoint. Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) was the keynote speaker. Mr. Collins is the ranking member on the US House Judiciary Committee, a former pastor, and Lieutenant Colonel, Chaplain, U.S, Air Force. Doug will be defending the rule of law and the Constitution as he battles the insane tactics of Cong. Schiff, Cong. Nadler, Speaker Pelosi, AOC, in their coup attempts to impeach and destroy President Trump. His timely comments left no doubt that he will be aggressive in pushing back against the unethical, hateful, and destructive tactics of the radical Far Left Socialists that are now the trademark of today’s Democrat Party.

Additional speakers who delivered timely messages and got the crowd fired up: Sen. Chuck Grassley, Dr. Ralph Reed (Founder & Chairman/Faith & Freedom Coalition) , Y. G. Nyghtstorm (An inspirational & rousing black American speaker, who came from a broken family & now giving hope to others who have also been broken and desperate), Michelle Root (Founder of Angel Families & who lost her daughter at the hands of an illegal alien), Jeff Kaufmann (Chairman/Republican Party of Iowa), Dr. Cody Hoefert (Co-Chair/Republican Party of Iowa), Steve Scheffler (President/IA Faith & Freedom Coalition).

Every single viable congressional candidate shared their video, outlining their vision for Iowa. Sen. Joni Ernst and Sec. Of Agriculture Mike Naig also shared videos (both could not be in attendance because of a prior commitment).

The 2019 Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Friend of the Family Award was given to Coretha Rozendaal on behalf of her late husband, Norm Rozendaal. Norm was a long time and faithful IFFC board member. He was a committed Christian who’s witness was so transparent. Norm was part of the heart and soul of IFFC. He is missed, but we know that he has made his long and anticipated journey to be with his Maker.

Higher Power Ministries delighted the crowd with their music for the evening. A special thank you to IFFC board member Paul Dykstra for arranging this special treat for the evening!

I want to also thank Kayne Robinson, former Republican Party of Iowa Chairman and former President of the NRA, as serving as Master of Ceremonies for the evening,. Kayne did a superb job keeping the trains running on time with his special and unique humor.

And…a special thank you to my staff and all the volunteers who helped make this event so successful and the best ever!

In Summary: A wonderful and exciting evening! Superb and motivational speakers! Fantastic networking! Outstanding food! Please see pictures below from the 2019 Fall Dinner & Rally!!!

My special sincere thanks to everyone that attended and participated! Thank you so very much for your generous support of Iowa’s most viable and effective non-profit organization! Your support for this particular event and continued financial support will enable Faith & Freedom Coalition to be a powerful force in the 2020 elections!

Last Note:
Put Saturday, September 19, 2020 on your calendar Now!

20TH Annual Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Fall Dinner & Rally

Don’t Miss It!!

Steve Scheffler
Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition



Don’t Miss The 2019 Iowa Faith & Freedom Fall Family Banquet & Rally October 26th!!

August 25, 2019 at 9:34 am

Don’t Miss The 2019 Iowa Faith & Freedom Fall Family Banquet & Rally October 26th!!

Iowa Faith & Freedom Friends,

The Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition will kick-off the 2020 campaign on Saturday, October 26 at the 19th Annual Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Fall Banquet and we want you to be a part of this historic event! We are counting on you to attend and bring others with you! Our Annual Fall Dinner this year will be more exciting than ever before! It is crucial that we raise the necessary funds for our battle-tested 3 million voter contact program in Iowa. Our state will have more competitive races up and down the ballot than almost any other state.

The drive to elect conservatives throughout the state of Iowa and re-elect President Donald J. Trump begins on the final Saturday in October at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

No other pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom political organizations have done more to advance conservative Iowa principles than Iowa Faith & Freedom, and with your help, we can continue the work of electing conservatives in 2020.

This year’s keynote speaker is Representative Doug Collins from Georgia. Rep. Doug Collins fights for our shared values in the U.S. House of Representatives as ranking Republican on the US House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Collins was the pastor of the Chicopee Baptist Church in Georgia, before deciding to serve the people of Georgia in the State Legislature and Congress. A public servant, attorney, and practicing U.S. Air Force Reserve chaplain, Rep. Collins remains foremost a husband to Lisa and father to daughter Jordan and sons Copelan and Cameron.

Welcome, Rep. Collins and welcome members and supporters of Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition to the 19th Fall Family Banquet!



July 6, 2019 at 8:20 pm


We encourage you to put Wednesday, July 24th on your calendar!  This is the date of our annual Des Moines Area House Party.  You won’t want to miss it!  Come and enjoy the delicious refreshments, the political networking, and the inspirational and motivational speakers.  You will be treated to a lovely atmosphere on the shores of Maffitt Lake.

We are thrilled and blessed to announce that Martin Cannon, a highly distinguished attorney and pro-life advocate, has committed to speaking.

Martin Cannon is one of several Senior Litigation Counsel at Thomas More Society. In his 30 year career in state and federal courts, he has emphasized pro-life litigation and legislation and the continuous defense of sidewalk counselors. He has defended over 40 cases on behalf of sidewalk counselors brought at the behest of Nebraska’s late term abortionist Leroy Carhart and, with fellow Thomas More attorney Matthew Heffron, obtained the jury acquittal of Fr. Norman Weslin on federal FACE charges arising out of events at the Carhart clinic.

Since joining Thomas More Society, Mr. Cannon has tried cases with a winning record in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Alabama and New York. He has resolved other cases in favor of sidewalk counselors without trial in those and many other states. On behalf of 10 Thomas More Society clients, he was lead counsel in defeating Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Federal Court effort to shut down the activities of sidewalk counselors around one of the country’s biggest abortion clinics.

Mr. Cannon has actively assisted state legislators in drafting and passing pro-life legislation, and recently represented Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and the people of Iowa in defense of Iowa’s Heartbeat Law.

In addition, we will be blessed to have at least one individual from the national Faith & Freedom Coalition here, to share with us the exciting 2020 political plan for Iowa.  We will also have a number of elected officials in attendance.

Come for a fun-filled evening.  Your attendance and participation will allow IFFC to raise the necessary resources for the most important election cycle ever.  See you on July 24th!!

Here are the details:

  • Wednesday, July 24, 2019
  • 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Home of Gary & Shelley Pitts – 34454 Edgewater Circle


Go South on I-35.  Get off at Exit 68 (DSM Airport Exit)

Get off immediately at next exit which is Exit 102 (Walnut Woods exit)

Turn right at this exit, and immediately right again at the T intersection (Maffitt Lake Road)

Continue 3 miles west on Maffitt Lake Road to Greenbrier entrance on your left.

Turn in here, & turn right on Meadow Lane.

Continue past first stop sign on Meadow Lane to Edgewater Circle.

Their home is on the lakeside.

Contribution Requested

Please R.S.V.P. to (515) 225-1515,, or

Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition – 939 Office Park Rd, Suite 115, West Des Moines, IA 50265

Light Refreshments will be served – Business Casual Attire.





LeRoy Carhart: A Legislative Response

November 19, 2010 at 2:27 pm


By Dan Boddicker

The timing of “Dr.” LeRoy Carhart’s announcement of his intentions to put a late term abortion clinic in Council Bluffs after the November 2 elections was wise. The abortion issue has pretty much been off the radar screen since the election of Chet Culver in 2006. This election cycle primarily focused on fiscal policy and social policy was dominated only by the judicial retention vote.

Carhart’s plans to move his abortion business from an Omaha suburb to Council Bluffs present some interesting challenges for the pro-life community eager to stop him, and Senator Mike Gronstal may find yet another prominent social issue sitting firmly in his lap, one that could alienate him and his declining caucus even more from the voters of Iowa.

The reason for Carhart’s move to Iowa is due to recent laws passed by Nebraska’s legislature, which ban elective abortions after 20 weeks, citing the scientific fact that a baby’s nervous system is sufficiently developed to feel the pain of being dismembered, chemically burned or getting scissors shoved into the back of its skull. A law like this is bad for business, or so says Carhart.  Carhart claims late term abortions make up the majority of his business.

So how does Iowa respond? We already tolerate a city with the highest per capita abortion rate in America. Do we want a late term abortionist like LeRoy Carhart here? The sad fact of the matter is that, if there was no market for his grisly services, he wouldn’t be coming to Iowa. So while we work to stop him, we must also work to stop the demand for his “services.”
There are several options that the legislature, the Branstad administration, and the pro-life groups can pursue to thwart Carhart’s plans. They must work together if they hope for success.

Legislatively, the House can pass a bill making Iowa’s abortion laws like Nebraska’s.  The bill should be brought up and passed as quickly as possible and sent over to the Senate.  Senate Republicans should make this issue, along with the marriage amendment issue, their top two social-issue priorities. While they are working to bolster the House Republicans, efforts to cut and control spending, they need to get these social issues up for a vote. The closer Carhart gets to his ribbon cutting, the more pressure needs to be put on Gronstal to keep this menace out of his back yard. And like the Marriage Amendment, this issue is the one where senate tradition needs to be thrown out the window.

Rules exist for a reason, and it is high time that the written and adopted rules of the Senate prevail over the “good ol’ boy” agreement that has existed for decades not to use them.

Perhaps along with the post 20-week ban legislation, it’s time to revive “A-Woman’s-Right-To-Know” legislation. Those who are for “choice” should have no problem with “informed choice”, right?

Regulatory solutions may include the Certificate Of Need (CON) process.  Whether or not Carhart’s type of facility falls under the CON process will depend on what equipment Carhart will require in his facility and whether his activities are considered outpatient surgery.  If it does, then pressure needs to be put on the Department Of Public Health (DPH),and state health facilities panel to make sure that all the requirements are met and that the community actually has a need to have its unborn babies over 20 weeks killed. Governor Branstad must step up and make sure that his DPH Director makes sure that the law is followed.

The Appropriations process may also provide some opportunities to slow down or stop Carhart’s efforts. Perhaps this issue can be used to finally de-fund Planned Parenthood and any other facility that provides abortions or referrals. Most Iowans don’t want their tax dollars funding abortions and never have.   Funds could be directed to crisis pregnancy clinics to provide for ultrasound equipment so that these girls and women can see the life that is in them. Then they can make an educated choice, something that the abortion industry and abortion rights advocates fear the most.

Whatever the legislature does, it is time for the sleeping giant to reawaken and get the attention of the legislature. The lobbying muscles of the pro-life community that existed back in the 90’s have gotten flabby, and the knowledge of how to do grassroots lobbying has become foggy. It’s time for Iowa Right to Life, the Iowa Catholic Conference, the Iowa Christian Alliance, and the other pro-life and conservative groups to step up and fight for our unborn children.

Dan Boddicker is a former Iowa State Representative from Tipton, Iowa.  Boddicker served as the chairman of the House Human Resources committee.


November 3, 2010 at 4:23 pm

COMMENTARY –Norm Pawlewski

November 3, 2010


               According to Rekha Basu in her column this morning, “Justice not served by vengeful ousters,” Rekha, as usual, still doesn’t get it.  Almost a half million Iowans voted to deny retention to three Supreme Court justices, not out of any need for vengeance, but a need to restore the balance of power as provided in their constitution.  The constitution ultimately belongs to all the people.  Like Rekha, the justices either never appreciated that principle or forgot. 

            The losers— the elitists, the lawyers, the progressive left are, as expected, spinning their rejection by the voters as a hissy fit, a tantrum.   Frankly, this is stupidity on their part.  Rekha says, “Now, in a subversion of the judicial retention vote, a band of misguided activists look to have punished the justices……”  She says also, “But because of a vengeful vote, that seemed all but certain at press time, judges now have to worry about the payback with every controversial ruling they make.”  No Rekha, they only have to worry about controversial rulings that exceed their mandate, defy civility, create rights where they are unwarranted and/or non-existent and act like they are a law unto themselves. 

            One more quote from Rekha’s article:  “The issue is, are the judges qualified to be on the bench?  The vote –no people’s actions are at best arbitrary and at worst retaliatory.”  This from a Sioux City attorney who served in three of Bob Vander Plaats’ gubernatorial campaigns before breaking with him on the judge retention issue. 

            When the sore losers start to whine about vengeful voters, out-of-state money, out-of state-activists, etc., remind them that almost one-half million Iowa voters voted to deny retention to these three judges, but allowed dozens more to keep their jobs.  Your decision, whether you voted yes or no, was made after a considerable amount of discussion and debate.  If anything, the main street media, like the Des Moines Register, went overboard to support retention.  Every editorial and most guest columns were skewed toward retention.  They did everything they could to frame the issue as one of guaranteeing judicial impartiality and keeping politics out of the courts.  Every one of these judges was a political appointee.  One article in the Register, “A question of BALANCE,” Thursday, October 28th, made it clear that the current system is controlled by Democrats, for Democrats. 

            Now that we the people have their attention, we need to work through the Legislature and our new governor to straighten out the imbalance in the judicial nominating and appointment process.  That’s why I said in my last commentary on this issue, “This is not the end of the issue of dealing with Iowa’s activist judges.  It is the beginning.” 


            There were a few disappointments yesterday.  I wanted Brenna Findley to be Attorney General and Brad Zaun to represent the 3rd Congressional District in Washington.  I also thought David Jamison would be a great State Treasurer.  And I wanted David Funk to shake up the Polk County Board of Supervisors. 

            But there were some real big wins.  Kent Sorenson, who endured the most negative, unfair and downright disgusting campaign ads, won.  Kent, who came to Christ about ten years ago, was savaged by Sen. Staci Appel (wife of Supreme Court Justice Brent Appel) for his life before Christ.  Kent takes seriously Galatians 2:20~~”I have been crucified with Christ.  It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me, and the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.”  And Romans 12:2~~”Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”  That’s how Kent has tried to live his life since coming to Christ.  Fortunately, his neighbors and the residents of Senate District 37 saw this in him and gave Mrs. Appel a whipping.  Kent won by almost 5,000 votes, 59% to her 41%.  Bye Bye Staci.

            Another big win (if it holds, because it’s close) Kim Pearson, attorney, home-schooler Mom and tea party activist, beat seven-term incumbent, Geri Huser, for House District 42.  The last report I saw had Kim up by less than 200 votes.  Geri Huser tried to tout her blue dog Democrat credentials during the last few days before the vote.  It seems not to have worked. 

            I will say more soon in another commentary after we have had a chance to look at complete results.  But congratulations are in order for Joel Fry for beating Mike Reasoner, to Bill Anderson taking an open Republican Senate seat and Rick Bertrand for filling an open Democrat Senate seat.

This Week @ IFFC

October 4, 2010 at 4:54 pm

Leroy and Janice Cobia cordially invite you to a pro-family reception and fundraiser in support of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition featuring Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.
Friday, October 8, 2010 from 5:00-7:00 PM at the Home of Leroy and Janice Cobia: 17680 Newberry Circle, Council Bluffs. While the reception begins at 5:00 PM our speakers will not begin until 5:30.
Come at your convenience. Light refreshments will be served. General attendance:$25 per person or $30 per couple. Please RSVP to 515-225-1515.

Chris and Cathleen McGowan cordially invite you to a pro-family reception and fundraiser in support of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition featuring Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.
Friday, October 8, 2010 from 7:30-9:00 PM at the Sioux City Country Club. Light refreshments will be served. General attendance:$25 per person or $30 per couple. Please RSVP to 515-225-1515.

Also this Friday in Burlington: Restoring the Power. Friday, October 8th * 7:00 pm * Great River Christian School * 426 Harrison St * Burlington, Iowa Visit for more information.

Restoring Power

April 1, 2010 at 3:42 pm

We were quite happy with the turn out at the “Restoring The Power” event last Friday in Wellman, Iowa with about 70 in attendance. The 2 hour presentation consists of 6 parts:

1) Understanding Terms
2) A Brief History of Nation Building
3) Understanding Church and State
4) The American Republic and the Source of Republicanism
5) The War Against Freedom
6) Restoring Our Republic

The attendees went away understanding the difference between a Republic and a Democracy, key terms that are part of our political language, increased knowledge of our history and foundational concepts that gave birth to our Constitution, important Christian values that support freedom, the battle we face, and hope for the future.

Several of those attending expressed a desire to bring Restoring The Power to other communities and an interest in leading or attending Constitutional Study Groups.  People are realizing that we can no longer allow ourselves to be uninformed when it comes to the truth of our history, our form of government, and the tyranny that is being imposed upon us.

For information about hosting “Restoring The Power” in your community contact:
Brad Sherman
(319) 338-2277

2019 IFFC Spring Fling and Legislative Recap

June 23, 2019 at 12:25 pm

We want to thank Tamara Scott for her hard work serving as the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Lobbyist.  Her efforts and her service on behalf of pro-family Iowans cannot be underestimated.  Please review this detailed analysis of legislative bills in the recently adjourned legislative session.


Spring Fling and Legislative Recap 2019

 IFFC is always honored and blessed to have elected officials attend our Spring Fling and converse with our members.  This year Congressman Steve King IA-4 received a standing ovation, former Congressman Bobby Schilling IL-17 got a warm Iowa welcome, and of course, Congressman Jody Hice GA-10 gave an excellent keynote to a responsive crowd.   We appreciate the work and the heart of those who serve.  At the State House, we not only advocate, but we also work to help find resources and educational materials to aid legislators in their work on our key issues.

This year, instead of giving a legislative report, we asked a few legislators to give their own updates.  We understand some of our good friends were simply unable to attend, but we were honored several did accept our invitation.  Our members continue to let us know how much they enjoyed hearing directly from Rep. Dean Fisher R-HD72, Rep. Jon Jacobsen R-HD22, Rep. Thomas Gerhold R-HD75, Sen. Ken Rozenboom R-SD40, Sen. Julian Garrett R-SD13, Sen. Zach Nunn R-SD15, and Sen. Randy Feenstra R-SD2.

It should be noted, Rep. Sandy Salmon R-HD63 was unable to attend due to health reasons, we ask you join us in praying she get relief from severe leg pain and a total recovery in her mobility.   Rep. Salmon should also be praised for her tenacious work in defunding Planned Parenthood as the sex-ed provider in Iowa schools.  Iowa’s activist courts have once again chosen to intervene in legislative work, but thanks to Sandy’s dedication Iowans are now aware of the potential conflict of interest in a sex-ed provider that profits from abortions and wondering why the legislature would have ever awarded PPH such a contract in the first place.

The Iowa Legislature successfully passed SF274 Campus Free Speech, a ban on SF212 Female Genital Mutilation, a bill once again starting the process to amend the Iowa Constitution affirming the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.   All of which aligned with IFFC values.

Senator Jake Chapman R-SD10 gave an excellent floor speech in support of SF523 Non-consensual Fetal Homicide and proposed an amendment to replace the term “fetal” with “unborn person.”   The Senate passed the amended version, but the bill didn’t make it through the House Judiciary in time to beat the 2nd funnel deadline.   Sen. Garrett’s SF516 E-Verify bill suffered the same fate passing the Senate, but failing to pass out of Committee in the House.   We certainly hope legislators will once again bring these bills with successful passage through both chambers in 2020.

Likewise, Rep. Jacobsen offered HF 594 Alfie Bill , an excellent proactive bill ensuring life-saving measures cannot be denied to a minor child without parental/guardian consent and assurance that all other efforts have been exhausted.  HF 594 passed the House and is still alive in the Senate.  IFFC strongly supports this bill.  We were pleased to connect Senator Jason Schultz R-SD9 with an attorney from Life Legal Defense who could speak to such cases in America in hopes of helping this bill to pass in the Senate.  Encourage your senator over the summer to pass this bill first thing next January.

SJR 9 Neutrality Amendment clarifying no right to or funding of abortion shall be found in the Iowa Constitution and SJR 19 Gubernatorial Succession affirming the line of succession or selection of Lt. Governor should a term not be completed will likely get Republican passage in 2020 session, but fell short in 2019.   HJR 14 Restoration of Voting Rights for those with felony convictions failed to pass out of committee in the Senate.  Iowans across the state seem to have strong reservations on this proposed amendment.  Iowans should fully research the issue and discuss thoughts with their legislators before next January.

Unfortunately, the legislature passed SF617 expanding gambling when Iowa already has a saturated market.  Due to the addictive and destructive nature of gambling, IFFC and our members were not in support of this bill.

IFFC and many concerned Iowans across the state spent considerable efforts to educate lawmakers on the dangerous overreach of SF376 Expanding Mental Health into the 7-12th grade classroom further implementing intrusive data collection to an infrastructure already in place due to Common Core initiatives.   SF 376 moves away from education to indoctrination, evaluating and manipulating students’ values, beliefs, and mindsetsThe Iowa Standard was helpful when their incidental coverage of SF376 committee hearing exposed the bill’s pro-LGBTQ advocacy and proponent’s intent to award Planned Parenthood as the curriculum provider causing some to further question the motivation behind the bill.  Researchers have warned that students have been falsely diagnosed, inaccurately labeled, unnecessarily coerced into treatment or therapy, and even placed on mind-altering drugs due to these subjective Social Emotional Leaning (SEL) programs in schools.  Promoted as tools to screen students for anxiety, depression, or suicide risk, studies show these programs can actually cause ideation, anxiety, and greater risk to students.

SF513 Pill Bill was equally concerning for a surprisingly diverse group of Iowans.  Men and women of all ages wanted to share their personal stories of health scares and tragedies either they or their loved ones had suffered due to hormonal birth control.  Between three and four hundred women die every year in the United States due to use of hormonal contraceptives (HC).  Yet, the Iowa legislature is considering making 24-27 months of HC available over the pharmacy counter with NO physician, NO examination, NO prescription, NO consultation or medical care when the risks can increase exponentially (62-fold increase the first year when a genetic disposition is present).  Increasing health risk while decreasing health care seems a poor policy and certainly not female-friendly.   To offer such anti-woman legislation when suburban women are key to electoral success seems odd political strategy.

We were able to once again stave off Convention of States, Art V, Constitutional Convention.  While they made strides in a few states, we are thankful Iowans largely denounced this dangerous idea and we will continue to educate across the state traveling wherever asked.

A special note of thanks and commendation to Sen. Ken Rozenboom R-SD40 who had the vision and courage to show Unplanned – The Movie at the State House, giving legislators ultimate opportunity to see the inner-workings and procedures of PPH clinics from the perspective of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood center director.   The Iowa Standard did a series of follow up articles where Susan Thayer, former Iowa PPH manager, invited Rep. Art Stead D-HD66 to see the movie at her cost and she’d even buy the popcorn since he had insinuated the movie wasn’t accurate.

IFFC wishes to thank so many of you as well!   Your help at the State House, your financial support, your encouragement, your contacting legislators, and most of all, your prayers for wisdom and discernment in our work, but also for the work of our leaders.  1 Timothy 2:1,2.   Any success in our work is largely because of you and our success as a nation is wholly because of Him!


Tamara Scott
Legislative Director – Iowa

Tamara Scott

STATE LEGISLATIVE UPDATE 1/22/18 – Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition

January 22, 2018 at 7:27 pm

The Senate stands during invocation opening day 1-8-18.


Starting the 3rd week of the 2018 Iowa Legislative Session and things are moving right along.  Iowa Faith and Freedom is at the State House daily working as a resource for legislators, a guardian of the Constitution, and a protector of our Judeo Christian Foundations as a nation.


Last Friday, 1-19-18 marked the deadline for new bills to be submitted.   It appears this session should be every bit as productive as the last.  Thankfully, several legislators intend to build on the success of last session in further protecting the lives of innocent Iowans in the womb.


The majority party seems unified in efforts toward tax reform so Iowa residents, businesses and owners can keep more of the money they earn.    If the legislature can attain a portion of the success their federal counterparts were able to spark with over 170 businesses now crediting the tax reform directly to employee bonuses and wage increases, (1) Iowans should be hopeful.





Iowa is blessed to have a growing number of steadfast legislators working to protect life, liberty, and our nation’s Godly legacy through innovative policies.  Several House Republicans have sponsored HF 2031 (2) which would allow local school districts to offer elective social studies courses emphasizing the impact of the Bible in literature, sciences, and cultures throughout history.   Of course, the ill-informed will fuss about any connection to a Christian faith in spite of  our nation’s foundations.    Though many schools are already teaching the Koran and other mystic religions in social studies, some will deny equal opportunity concerning the Bible.    It seems they would rather have students ignorant than understand the vast contributions of the Bible and those who believe in it.    By their reasoning, we should then stop the teachings of Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, and contemporary Francis Collins, director of the Human Genome Project;  (3) not to mention Einstein, Shakespeare, and Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Law.    A 2014 Washington Post article (4)  credits the Bible as a central and foundational influence that cannot be avoided in Western culture.



(2) HF 2031 –






Throughout the 2018 Session, IFFC will keep you apprised of pending legislation good and bad, bills that expand or protect liberty and those that will harm or limit it, bills that uphold our Constitutional Foundations and those that jeopardize them.   The goal being to inform and give you an honest account of State House happenings this session.


That said, Senate President, Jack Whitver, SD19-R gave an enthusiastic speech touting the state’s new education rankings opening day of the 2018 Session which was promptly met with confrontation from the Senate Democrat Leader.


Senator Whitver’s statement:

“I have never been more optimistic about what lies ahead for our state. People around the country are taking notice of Iowa. In just the last year, Iowa has been recognized for our great job climate – being named the BEST state in the country for the middle class. Our schools have also been recognized as we were named the #1 state in America in high school graduation rates and #4 in increased education funding. Our state has been recognized as the 3rd best managed state in America. There are so many reasons to be excited about the future.”


Seems positive and one would expect most Iowans to be pleased with such rankings.   Yet, Senator Janet Petersen, SD18-D who is skilled in delivering death-blows to the unborn with her ‘Susie sunshine style and smile’ responded with the teaser that Democrats hoped to work across the aisle as Iowans expect their legislators to be civil.   Then she attacked Republicans for  “doing a lot of bad things to a lot of good people” during the 2017 session.   Who knew Democrats would think good schools were a bad thing?


So, if this is a glimpse of what is to be in the 2018, civility appears no more than a word bandied about by Democrats for tv.   Still Republicans have the numbers and no excuses, so buckle up and be ready.   Could be quite a ride, and legislators deserve to have your help when they’re trying to help you.



Tamara Scott

IFFC Legislative Director


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Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Legislative Report

March 7, 2017 at 7:45 pm

                   Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition 

          Legislative Report

              Tamara Scott, IFFC Lobbyist

IFFC Legislative report 3-7-17

March 3rd was the first funnel date, meaning any proposed legislation that didn’t make it through a committee is likely now dead.    Most notable for the Life movement was the failure of SF 253, the Life at Conception Bill.

While it is considered the “gold standard” and certainly something Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition (IFFC) and Concerned Women for America (CWA) would like to see passed.   Even with passage, many proponents of the bill admit the bill alone would likely not stop abortion though it would have been a great start by changing the Iowa code to recognize life begins at conception is to be protected by the state of Iowa and U.S. Constitution.

This is why IFFC and CWA supported SF 253, plus several other pro-life measures that we believe would have strengthened it and possibly hastened the end of abortion in Iowa.   As it is, some of those bills did make it through committee and/or passed one chamber.

SF 2 – has passed the full Senate and awaits action in the House.  It redirects taxpayer dollars to a greater number of non-abortion clinics offering more healthcare services in more locations across the state by defunding Planned Parenthood and abortion providers.

SF 53 – is now eligible for floor debate in the Senate.  Often referred to as a 20-week ban, it in no way recognizes the right to an abortion, but prohibits abortion post-20 weeks.

While it’s unfortunate and disappointing that Life at Conception – the first legislative priority listed in the state platform of the Republican Party – didn’t make it to a Republican controlled Senate where it should have passed; the pro-life movement is alive, growing, and has much work yet to do – some within our own movement.

One of the reasons SF 253 may have failed could be that legislators who might have otherwise been supportive in helping the Bill make it through the process may have felt overwhelmed, even ambushed by angry and accusatory messages from supposed pro-life supporters.

Pro-life legislators who staked political capital on SF 253 sadly received angry messages for not doing enough or being successful.  These messages are counterproductive and frankly, not a good witness for Christians.

We’ve been blessed to increase the number of strong pro-life legislators, we need to stand with them in work, success, and even failed attempts.

The good news is, because Republicans are in control, we still have both SF 2 and SF 53 which are good pro-life bills and will help save lives.

IFFC encourages our friends and members to attend local forums, town halls, and coffees with elected officials.  Follow up with a polite call, email, or speak with legislators to stand for life.   Give them the bill number, a one-line description and a specific request for action to either support it or help it through the committee process if applicable.  Thank every legislator for their time away from family and job to serve.  Edify and encourage them to do the right thing, but understand threats seldom work.

So STAND FOR LIFE, but SHINE FOR CHRIST when you do with a kind, direct if necessary, but always civil tone.

A note of thanks and gratitude: 

IFFC wishes to thank Senator Brad Zaun 18-R, Senator Jason Schultz 9-R, Senator Jake Chapman 10-R for their heavy lift with SF 253.   Their leadership was evident.   They withstood the fury and attacks from opponents, and unfortunately, some from proponents.   We and our members will look forward to working with them to further the cause however possible yet this year and in the future.

IFFC also wishes to thank other pro-life Senators who either submitted pro-life legislation or helped move pro-life bills forward like Senator Mark Chelgren 41-R who offered SF 54 and SF 26, Senator Mark Segebart 6-R, who chaired the committee to help pass SF 53, and Senator Amy Sinclair 14-R who helped lead the charge to defund PPH in the Senate.  Not to mention the many other pro-life legislators in the Senate.

Please consider sending legislators a note of thanks at either their legislative email addresses or by mail to Honorable (name), Iowa Senate or Iowa House, Iowa State Capitol, Des Moines, Iowa 50319.

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