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Faith & Freedom Coalition Addresses Voter Fraud

December 27, 2020 by iowa | No Comments

Faith & Freedom Coalition Addresses Voter Fraud

 Faith & Freedom Announces an Election Integrity Project

For decades, concerns about the integ­rity of the U.S. electoral system have been growing. A few weeks before the November elections, a Public Affairs Council poll found that only 29% of Americans had faith that the 2020 elections would be conducted in an honest and open way. Concern about election integrity and/or voting access was widespread across every age group, education level, geographic region and ethnic category. Since the election, the situation has become even worse.

Elections are the heart of our Repub­lic. Without free and fair elections, the entire concept of self-governance col­lapses. This is why Faith & Freedom Coalition will launch the Election In­tegrity Project in 2021. The Project is based on policy recommendations that include:

  • Ensuring Accuracy in Voter Rolls
  • Preventing Fraudulent or Improper Voting
  • Reforming Mail-In Voting to Prevent Ballot Harvesting and to Mitigate Fraud
  • Bolstering Election Observers for Integrity
  • Requiring Reliable Voting Ma­chines
  • Prosecuting Voter Fraud and Voter Intimidation


Patrick Purtill

Director of Legislative Affairs

Mobile 757-903-5224


Faith & Freedom Coalition is a grassroots public policy organization with over 2 million members. In 2018, FFC volunteers knocked on 2.2 million doors of social conservative voters in key states, reached 13.4 million voters with education mail, placed over 32 million digital ads on social media platforms, and delivered 28 million emails and text messages providing voters with links to nonpartisan voter guides and mapping software that directed voters to polling locations. Read more and consider joining our effort at www.ffcoalition.com





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