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2019 IFFC Spring Fling and Legislative Recap

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We want to thank Tamara Scott for her hard work serving as the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Lobbyist.  Her efforts and her service on behalf of pro-family Iowans cannot be underestimated.  Please review this detailed analysis of legislative bills in the recently adjourned legislative session.


Spring Fling and Legislative Recap 2019

 IFFC is always honored and blessed to have elected officials attend our Spring Fling and converse with our members.  This year Congressman Steve King IA-4 received a standing ovation, former Congressman Bobby Schilling IL-17 got a warm Iowa welcome, and of course, Congressman Jody Hice GA-10 gave an excellent keynote to a responsive crowd.   We appreciate the work and the heart of those who serve.  At the State House, we not only advocate, but we also work to help find resources and educational materials to aid legislators in their work on our key issues.

This year, instead of giving a legislative report, we asked a few legislators to give their own updates.  We understand some of our good friends were simply unable to attend, but we were honored several did accept our invitation.  Our members continue to let us know how much they enjoyed hearing directly from Rep. Dean Fisher R-HD72, Rep. Jon Jacobsen R-HD22, Rep. Thomas Gerhold R-HD75, Sen. Ken Rozenboom R-SD40, Sen. Julian Garrett R-SD13, Sen. Zach Nunn R-SD15, and Sen. Randy Feenstra R-SD2.

It should be noted, Rep. Sandy Salmon R-HD63 was unable to attend due to health reasons, we ask you join us in praying she get relief from severe leg pain and a total recovery in her mobility.   Rep. Salmon should also be praised for her tenacious work in defunding Planned Parenthood as the sex-ed provider in Iowa schools.  Iowa’s activist courts have once again chosen to intervene in legislative work, but thanks to Sandy’s dedication Iowans are now aware of the potential conflict of interest in a sex-ed provider that profits from abortions and wondering why the legislature would have ever awarded PPH such a contract in the first place.

The Iowa Legislature successfully passed SF274 Campus Free Speech, a ban on SF212 Female Genital Mutilation, a bill once again starting the process to amend the Iowa Constitution affirming the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.   All of which aligned with IFFC values.

Senator Jake Chapman R-SD10 gave an excellent floor speech in support of SF523 Non-consensual Fetal Homicide and proposed an amendment to replace the term “fetal” with “unborn person.”   The Senate passed the amended version, but the bill didn’t make it through the House Judiciary in time to beat the 2nd funnel deadline.   Sen. Garrett’s SF516 E-Verify bill suffered the same fate passing the Senate, but failing to pass out of Committee in the House.   We certainly hope legislators will once again bring these bills with successful passage through both chambers in 2020.

Likewise, Rep. Jacobsen offered HF 594 Alfie Bill , an excellent proactive bill ensuring life-saving measures cannot be denied to a minor child without parental/guardian consent and assurance that all other efforts have been exhausted.  HF 594 passed the House and is still alive in the Senate.  IFFC strongly supports this bill.  We were pleased to connect Senator Jason Schultz R-SD9 with an attorney from Life Legal Defense who could speak to such cases in America in hopes of helping this bill to pass in the Senate.  Encourage your senator over the summer to pass this bill first thing next January.

SJR 9 Neutrality Amendment clarifying no right to or funding of abortion shall be found in the Iowa Constitution and SJR 19 Gubernatorial Succession affirming the line of succession or selection of Lt. Governor should a term not be completed will likely get Republican passage in 2020 session, but fell short in 2019.   HJR 14 Restoration of Voting Rights for those with felony convictions failed to pass out of committee in the Senate.  Iowans across the state seem to have strong reservations on this proposed amendment.  Iowans should fully research the issue and discuss thoughts with their legislators before next January.

Unfortunately, the legislature passed SF617 expanding gambling when Iowa already has a saturated market.  Due to the addictive and destructive nature of gambling, IFFC and our members were not in support of this bill.

IFFC and many concerned Iowans across the state spent considerable efforts to educate lawmakers on the dangerous overreach of SF376 Expanding Mental Health into the 7-12th grade classroom further implementing intrusive data collection to an infrastructure already in place due to Common Core initiatives.   SF 376 moves away from education to indoctrination, evaluating and manipulating students’ values, beliefs, and mindsetsThe Iowa Standard was helpful when their incidental coverage of SF376 committee hearing exposed the bill’s pro-LGBTQ advocacy and proponent’s intent to award Planned Parenthood as the curriculum provider causing some to further question the motivation behind the bill.  Researchers have warned that students have been falsely diagnosed, inaccurately labeled, unnecessarily coerced into treatment or therapy, and even placed on mind-altering drugs due to these subjective Social Emotional Leaning (SEL) programs in schools.  Promoted as tools to screen students for anxiety, depression, or suicide risk, studies show these programs can actually cause ideation, anxiety, and greater risk to students.

SF513 Pill Bill was equally concerning for a surprisingly diverse group of Iowans.  Men and women of all ages wanted to share their personal stories of health scares and tragedies either they or their loved ones had suffered due to hormonal birth control.  Between three and four hundred women die every year in the United States due to use of hormonal contraceptives (HC).  Yet, the Iowa legislature is considering making 24-27 months of HC available over the pharmacy counter with NO physician, NO examination, NO prescription, NO consultation or medical care when the risks can increase exponentially (62-fold increase the first year when a genetic disposition is present).  Increasing health risk while decreasing health care seems a poor policy and certainly not female-friendly.   To offer such anti-woman legislation when suburban women are key to electoral success seems odd political strategy.

We were able to once again stave off Convention of States, Art V, Constitutional Convention.  While they made strides in a few states, we are thankful Iowans largely denounced this dangerous idea and we will continue to educate across the state traveling wherever asked.

A special note of thanks and commendation to Sen. Ken Rozenboom R-SD40 who had the vision and courage to show Unplanned – The Movie at the State House, giving legislators ultimate opportunity to see the inner-workings and procedures of PPH clinics from the perspective of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood center director.   The Iowa Standard did a series of follow up articles where Susan Thayer, former Iowa PPH manager, invited Rep. Art Stead D-HD66 to see the movie at her cost and she’d even buy the popcorn since he had insinuated the movie wasn’t accurate.

IFFC wishes to thank so many of you as well!   Your help at the State House, your financial support, your encouragement, your contacting legislators, and most of all, your prayers for wisdom and discernment in our work, but also for the work of our leaders.  1 Timothy 2:1,2.   Any success in our work is largely because of you and our success as a nation is wholly because of Him!


Tamara Scott
Legislative Director – Iowa

Tamara Scott

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