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February 2, 2019 by iowa | No Comments

Abortion Monument Bill

Please take time to review this report from my good friend and State Rep. Dean Fisher.  Dean is one of the most ardent and passionate defenders of “life” in the Iowa Legislature!

Iowa Abortion Victims Monument

Rep. Dean Fisher, R – House District 72











We must not forget the horrible loss of human life that the abortion culture has wrought on Iowa and our nation.  When an abortion is committed, not only is that baby’s life lost, but the generations that might have followed are also lost.  We build monuments to memorialize those that suffered the heinous practice of slavery. We memorialize those lost to terrorist acts, and to those lost in the Holocaust.  It is, therefore, fitting and proper that we build these monuments so we do not forget the circumstances that caused these lives to be lost. We must remember so that we strive to do better in the future.  We must remember the victims of terrorism and xenophobia so that we never let our guard down. We must remember the victims of slavery so that we never allow that practice to happen again.


We must build this monument to the unborn in order highlight that these are real human lives.  This heinous practice of abortion is allowed to exist because our culture has dehumanized the unborn. These unborn children are dehumanized as nothing more than a “tissue mass”. They are dehumanized by describing abortion as nothing more than a “choice”.  They are regarded as anything but a human being with a beating heart.  This monument will help to regain the humanity and value of every life.


This monument of remembrance can also bring about healing for those that have lost a loved one to abortion, be it a parent, grandparent, or any other person that grieves the loss.   In Chattanooga, Tennessee, there is a National Memorial to the Unborn. It is “Dedicated to healing generations of pain by honoring unborn children”.  It would be fitting and proper to have such a place of healing here in Iowa at the state capitol.


That is why I filed this bill, House File 153, so that the countless lives lost to abortion are not forgotten, not dehumanized, and so that we never forget the human cost this heinous practice has wrought.


House File 153 seeks to establish an abortion victim monument on the Iowa State Capitol grounds.  The bill requires that the Department of Administrative Services that oversees the capitol grounds accept applications from outside organizations for the design and construction of this memorial.  I have few preconceived ideas about what this monument will look like, or where it will be placed.


The bill specifies that “No governmental funds shall be used to plan, erect, or maintain the monument.”  That not only protects the tax-payers dollar, but more importantly it highlights precisely the purpose of this monument – to help us remember.  Involving citizens directly in the design, funding, construction and maintenance of this memorial will serve as a measure of how well we remember those lost to abortion.  If sufficient funds are quickly raised to design and build this monument, it will demonstrate the sentiment of the people of Iowa.  I hope and pray that those of us that are pro-life will overwhelm any organization that applies for design and construction of this monument with our ideas, our donations, and our support for this monument.  May God guide us.




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